A Little Further…

After a couple days of no writing due to being busy with other things, I’ve written a few more hundred words. Even further than I’ve ever gotten before!

I think this story was just the right one for me to work on. Nothing else that I’ve tried working on has drawn my attention like this one.

Once I get it finished, if I get it finished, then I’ll actually use my author Twitter handle and spread the word that “hey, I’m actually doing this writing thing.” I might have jumped the gun on picking a name and creating a social media account, but I’m using it as motivation. “If you finish writing this story, you can use your new cool name.” That sort of thing.

So yes, onto the story: it’s shifter, there’s alphas and betas and omega, and everyone is poly. I wanted to read something where the shifters were more their shifted animal form than human. Where they’re wild and not tameable. Then bring in a human and create chaos. 😉 I think I’ve decided on the title Feral Wolves, but that could change.

It should be good. I hope. We’ll see.

Robin T.


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