An Update on Life

It has been awhile since I updated.

NaNo didn’t pan out. Between school, work, and being too exhausted (which I’ll be going to do the doctor for), I had to give up on NaNoWriMo. I’ll try again in a couple years, when I’m done with school.

The second book my co-author, Caitlin, and I submitted got accepted at Less Than Three. We’re very pleased with that. It’s called Outcasts: Beginnings, and if it does well, we’re already planning three other books.

We’ll also start work on the second book in the Sirenia series called Dynamite. Todd and David’s story. It’ll be fun.

I am still working on Feral Wolves. The exhaustion has been rough and left me with very little energy to do anything. Hopefully that’ll be changing soon.

Robin T.


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