Schedules, school, and stuff.

Hello readers.

I know, it’s been awhile since I updated. I was busy during the winter holidays with the study abroad trip (Australia was fantastic). Then once the spring semester started, I got super busy and stressed with classes. I was taking Physics and it triggered my depression bad, because the professor was terrible and I had no idea what I was doing. But I dropped it and picked up a bi-term. Feeling much better now.

Now I am looking at making some changes for my future. Before I announce what exactly those changes are, I have a few things to do to prepare (because there might not be any changes).

Caitlin and I have a schedule setup for the rest of the year with our co-authored series. We’ve got a few more books planned for the Sirenia universe, the Outcast universe, and we’re also looking at a series for another publisher. Plus I have a few of my own projects to work on (such as a poly book for an anthology).

It’s an effort every day to be productive, but nothing will ever get done if I don’t make strides to change it.

Robin T.


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